My Frenchy Table Redo

I have a bad habit of going to the Salvation Army in hopes something there wants to come home.
I had to have this little round table with cabinet doors,even if it was in a 1970 French Provincial paint job. The marble top with ogee edge was pretty and had a bit of pink taupe and gold running through it's creme top. This table is solid wood and well constructed. It cost me $39.00

Time for the makeover: ws it going to be hot pink, black, or grey....I ended up going with a Gustavian grey.

I took off the top and got out the can of leftover Ben Moore Palladium Blue. I wanted to create a table that could have been on the movie set of Marie Antoinette. A finish that was a chalky gray blue that could  have been born of French and Swedish cabinetmakers. 

 I started brushing the paint on. I kind of liked the gold highlights but I didn't want it to be so "in your face". I used a rag to rub off the gold after I painted each panel, and swirly area. Some of it was going to show more than others..basically because I am not a perfectionist! Hey, if the gold highlighting is there, why make more work for yourself?

 Painting along......
 I used a very dry brush on this job. 

There is my rag. Hubby will be glad to see I covered the carpet with newspaper! I tend to rush.
I put the cute rosette hardware back on. 
It was already an antique gold color so it was perfect.

Put the marble top back on it...the color is just right
kind of gray, kind of greenybluish. Is that a color?

I put all my things back on top and I couldn't be more pleased! 
My Petite Frenchy Cabinet!

You can find me showing off this thrifty nifty idea at Coastal Charm!

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