Painted Cabinets

                    Painted cabinets just happen to be one of the things that I put at the top of my list.
                                                                        I adore them.
 I have a mahogany secretary sitting in my living room that is going to be a painted secretary one day....
                                                            she just doesn't know it yet...
                    but until then stroll through these cabinets with me and see which one rings your bell.

Lovely Swedish blue grey cabinet

                                         See the pink armoire? Daring or darling?

                             This is my own green country hutch....

Ok, its not painted, but still lovely...

So fresh and charming.

One of my favorite images from House Beautiful.
The decorator called this Chippendale piece a "big honking cabinet" until he had it painted white.

This grand old dame is hiding in the background
 in an elegant milky gray paint. I'd buy her and take her home in a heartbeat.

                                                Yellow and marvelous!

Last but not least, this magazine has been hanging around my house
 for two years all because of this fabulous painted secretary!

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