Making memories with Christmas PJs

Last year I thought it would be fun to order matching Christmas PJs
for the family to wear. I went online at and found 
some cute PJs with skiing Santas in the mens sizes but no matching ones in the 
ladies sizes.  If I had thought about it I would have ordered myself a pair of men's
but instead went with conventional thinking and bought my self a pair of snowman PJs.
I ordered right after Thanksgiving and they arrived quickly enough for us to break them out for a tree trimming party with just me, Mr. Maison Decor and a couple of the boys.
Wearing Christmas PJs just makes you feel like a little kid~
all happy and everything seems more fun! 
You might think about adding this element to your holidays~
get a pair or two or three or four...and all of a sudden you have made 
some memories that aren't going to fade.
We wore them again on Christmas eve after our fancy dinner was over.
 This time there were more family members and everyone had a pair of PJs to wear! 
Brandon's GF Mimi got into a pair of men's that I had as an extra pair. 
 Look at all of the dogs in the mix!  
 Matching PJs made for memorable family pics! 
 I think every year Nick n Nora comes out with new patterns and they are all so fun!
This was the pattern I bought last year.  They cost about $20 a pair on sale and if you order over $50 I think you get free shipping. Target sells Nick n Nora brand and I like them because they are cotton, not polyester or some other synthetic.  Most have draw string waist bands so you can easily fit in bigger sizes, which is good cuz I will be wearing a men's medium, which is the smallest size in the mens that you can get.
This is the set I ordered for this year! Its called Reindogs and I love it because it has a dog that resembles all of our family dogs: Dillon, Tobey and now Sylvia! They are on their way to us as I write this and we plan to wear them for a new family tradition we plan to have called Christmas Movie Night!  We will be watching the fantastic Polar Express. Justin said he has never seen it, which is just shocking to me.
We will have our family plus Justin's fiance, Madison, and Madison's little sister, Taylor so it should be a tradition that will be one we can build on.  I can just imagine Justin and Madison having kids and they get to watch Christmas Movie Night in their matching PJs with their parents and grandparents!! Ok, well maybe I am getting ahead of myself....
But more than ever, I really want to have more of a memorable Christmas season, rather than a season of gift giving and receiving.  Don't you think it is those times that were extra special that become the ones you remember the most? Who really remembers what gift they got, or what you bought for so and so last year?  I  know I don't.  But I do remember the night we horsed around in our PJs!
Its December One and its Sunday~which means its a day off from the shop. I will be putting our Christmas wreaths up today and hopefully a little bit more too.   But I think we will wait for our Christmas PJs to arrive before the tree trimming party....

(P.S. I am not paid or compensated by Target in any way...I just like these PJs!)

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