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Maison Decor Boston

 This is a quick note to update you all that Justin and I have returned from our Annie Sloan meet up in New Orleans! I have a lot to share with you all and will need to sit down and get my photos loaded and edited so I can show you some of the incredible stuff we saw and did down south.  Our visit with Annie and company was more than I hoped for~and it made both of us feel reinvigorated to return to our shops and get things fired up!  We touched down Friday night in Boston around 9 pm, and by the end of workday Saturday Justin, Colin and I did a store revamp in Boston.  This is one of the vignettes we created based around these super cool leather recliners I got at auction.  Boston has Sunday hours of 11-4 and it is our busiest day for customers~with good reason:  there is a large vintage market right next doors to our store so we get the benefit of that traffic.  Our cozy little shop is a great place to find bargains and cool unique stuff as well and we are starting to be known for that as more of the neighborhood discovers us.  
Have a great Sunday and I will be back early next week to start
 a series of posts, some will show off the most incredible French antiques
I discovered as well as showing off some photos of Annie and moi 
kicking it in the midnight hours in the bayou!  
I added two workshops to the May calendar as the two in April are SOLD OUT. 
You can sign up online at if you want to
 join us and find out why our workshops have earned their fantastic reputation!
In the meantime you can see Justin's recap of  our New Orleans trip on his blog

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