Maison Decor has floor sized Mora Clocks!

 Earlier I hinted at a big surprise I had for you~
its no surprise how much I love the mora clock, 
so you must know I  was super excited to finally
 get the floor sized reproduction for my shop!
 The floor size model is very similar to the wall model with a few differences. Its much deeper 
at 9" deep to the wall model's 3" depth. Its also a lot taller at over six feet tall coming in at 75.5".
It has an antiqued mirror in the pendulum hole, which the wall mora does not.
These wall moras are in distressed Old White and Faded Louis Blue. 
All are finished with an antique glaze to give them a worn and aged look.
 I am in love with this big guy! Its as big as a person!!
I have two out in the shop right now
that customers have already purchased from my online shop, 
so I have been busy getting them painted and glazed.
They have a  pretty simple country shape from the  scalloped base to the crown.
 This mora, like the wall clock,  runs on one AA battery and is silent so you won't hear 
that tick tick ticking that can drive you insane...(some one asked and it is important to know!)
The clock above is painted in Paris Grey with antique glaze.
The antiqued mirror inside the pendulum area~
The Old White clock is next~I'll be antiquing her tomorrow and then sending her 
along to her new home.  The floor clock will also be available in faded Louis Blue as 
seen above on the wall Mora. As soon as I get it finished I'll share it with you.
So that was my big surprise!! Big moras!  Valentines Day 
will be coming up in two weeks....I hope to do some
 Romantic blog posts about decorating this month.
  Maybe that means an antique pink mora?


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