A visit from Betsy!

 Yesterday I was on the phone chatting with Betsy Speert (of Betsy Speert's Blog fame ). We got to talking and one thing led to another and I invited her by the store~I told her I wanted a little more help rearranging and I bribed her with a gilding wax to entice her....she told me her hand was hurting from such chronic Annie Sloan™ painting, so she said she would come over and give me a hand.  As you can see, it didn't take long for Betsy to take charge and as I listened to her regaling the virtues of Chalk Paint™ to my shoppers, I just had to snap a pic!! Betsy Speert LOVES Chalk Paint™!! Oh yes she does~!
 It  was pretty cute to see her sitting at the helm of Maison Decor~
she has become a trusted friend and advisor.  I feel so lucky 
to have her on my team~she is a wealth of knowledge about running 
a business, and of course she is such a talent.
 She is addicted to the paint, and left the shop with 
another group of colors that she had not purchased the first time.
 We spent several hours rearranging inventory~and so when I popped in this morning I
snapped a few pics to show the results~here is my pride and joy and latest creation!
 We used this cottage dresser as a display for the color chart
 and the small samplers that I now carry.

With pieces moving in and out weekly,
 the store is always getting shuffled around.
 I had a picker come by and drop off two pieces for me yesterday as well~
this french music cabinet needs some work and
 it should make a gorgeous display shelf
for someone's home when I am finished.  
As my picker Rebecca, said, "It needs some of your paint!"
 Rebecca also brought me this mirror~it is stunning!!
 Look at the pretty green color under the old gilding framework~its gorgeous.
 I won't need to touch this baby~now if Betsy looks at these photos, 
she is gonna say, "HEY!!, I put the burlap pillows 
on the bench and you already moved them~!!! &$%#!!
 Yeah, I moved them into this big basket~I wanted to prop 
the fancy mirror up there and with '
the green and gold frame I did not like them 
with the red and blue burlap pillows.
 So this is where they are now~what do you think? 
Betsy did a little work on the front entry area too 
which is now anchored with a vintage golden oak chest.
It says, "Welcome to Painters Paradise~the land of Annie Sloan™"
Thanks Betsy!!


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